Adobe Photoshop’s New Generative Fill Feature Takes Over The Meme Game

How A One-Year Old AI-Method Goes Mainstream! 🎉

Tristan Wolff
3 min readJun 2


Adobe Photoshop’s new “Generative Fill” feature finally makes outpainting (extending an image with AI) and inpainting (replacing image elements with AI) accessible to the masses.

The two techniques have been around for nearly a year now, but Adobe’s reach will unleash a whole new wave of AI-generated images — only days after its beta release it has taken over the meme game on Twitter already. :)

How Generative Fill works

In Adobe Photoshop, you select an area outside your image and use a text prompt to create something to fill the empty space. Here’s yujimur on Twitter introducing the process:


Following the release of “Generative Fill”, one of the trends on Twitter is re-imaging memes. For example, Linus Ekenstam posted some “behind the camera” shots…

You all know this guy:

But did you know…

Here’s the infamous “Hide the pain herold”:

Of course, we don’t wan to miss the alien guy:

Another classic:

Album covers