The Rise Of Creative AI

Why AI Language Models Are More Creative Than Humans (In Some Ways)

… And how to make better use of LLMs and their creative potential

Tristan Wolff
3 min readMar 20, 2024


Image by the author & Midjourney

There is this one question that keeps coming up when I work with editorial teams and production teams on custom AI solutions supporting their story development processes: “Can AI really be creative?”

The simple answer: Yes.

But… there are

Three Types of Creativity

The truly insightful British AI researcher Margaret Boden has introduced a 3-type model that helps to better understand — and make use of — the creative possibilities of artificial intelligence:

🎲 Type 1: Combinatorial Creativity 🎲

That is: developing ideas by combining known concepts in new ways. Language models (LLMs) have long had the edge here.


In contrast to us, LLMs have large parts of the internet under their belts; that means we don’t even come close to having the same starting material for new concept combinations. On top of that, LLMs map linguistic patterns in a high-dimensional space (100 to 1000+ dimensions) — patterns that we couldn’t…